The legal privilege (un)covered

Thank you for your interest in the book “The legal privilege (un)covered”, powered by VOI advocaten.

VOI advocaten is the specialist in The Netherlands when it comes to litigation in (national and international) tax proceedings and providing assistance in tax and financial criminal cases. In these procedures, the government is always on the other side. In order to provide good assistance, it is very important that clients can discuss their case with their lawyers in complete confidentiality, thus without interference from the government. This also applies to international cases in which we cooperate with lawyers from other countries. But what about the legal privilege in the country of origin of fellow lawyers? Is communication with the client sufficiently guaranteed in such cases?

This book is intended for lawyers, their clients and other interested parties and is about the aforementioned confidentiality, secrecy and the right of non-disclosure. Experts from various countries with different legal systems discuss their legal privilege. Not only because it is interesting to know how this privilege is arranged elsewhere, but particularly also to gain knowledge about legal privilege in other countries, so that in the event of international collaboration between lawyers, it is clear how the client’s interests can best be safeguarded. After all, legal privilege is there for the client, not for the lawyers themselves.

This book was made possible by VOI advocaten with the help of dear friends and colleagues from various parts of the world. You will find links to their websites below.

Through this book, we all aim to contribute to awareness of legal privilege in various countries, in the interests of (future) clients. Therefore, we have made it possible for you to download this book via this website for free.

If you are missing a chapter on legal privilege in your own country and would like to contribute to the next edition of this book, please email us at

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